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Who Remembers The Time Eminem Freestyled About Beyonce Being Fat?

By / 11.08.13

On Wednesday, Eminem and his Slaughterhouse cronies unleashed a BET Rap City freestyle that had everyone abuzz as usual. However, when “Eminem” and “Rap City” are said in the same sentence, I always think about the really obscure freestyle he did with D-12 where he dropped one of the most biting punch lines of his career (and this is saying a lot):

“I’m not failing
You [expletive] are not ready
Cuz I got jelly
Like Beyonce’s pot belly”

I distinctly remember where I was when I heard this lyric, and D-12 losing their collective feces over the line. The idea of Beyonce having a “pot belly” is pretty laughable, but Em is most likely referencing this episode of MTV Cribs featuring Destiny’s Child. The clip shows Beyonce in a cutoff shirt. I also remember seeing this episode because the people I watched it with were referencing how Beyonce “had a little gut.” Throughout the episode, she’s clearly trying to cover up unfavorable angles (notice her arm draped over her stomach while she’s sitting on the couch), but this screen shot stuck out to people I watched the episode with.

Naturally, this is one of those costs of celebrity because Beyonce looks damn good during this Cribs episode (aside: they showed Solange’s room, Kelly’s room, Beyonce’s room, Beyonce’s mom’s room and they didn’t show Michele’s out house for sh*t. Cold world). Still, in a moment where she was possibly between shows or enjoying a little leisure, Eminem honed in on the clip and unleashed with a barb for the ages. For some reason *COUGH*ILLUMINATI*COUGH* the clip of Em’s freestyle has been hard to find, but here it is.

This also goes to show just how different the world was before Youtube and Twitter. Imagine this happening in 2013; #BeyoncePotBelly would have trended and it’d be the most-watched video of the week. Also, this shows just how in-tune Eminem was with the nuances of pop culture in his prime. Nothing got past him and he spewed commentary on seemingly anything anyone cared about. His lyrics were really their own Twitter feed.

For those wondering: I’m pretty sure this freestyle was pre-JayOnce, which alleviates some awkwardness when Jay and Em do those “Renegade” concerts together but I have to think Eminem has always wondered if Bey ever got wind of his gut punch.

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