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DJ Kay Slay Ft. Fat Joe And 50 Cent – “Free Again”

By / 01.22.14

50 Cent

Yeah, a 50 Cent/Fat Joe reunion is probably 10 years removed from being important. But here we are, in 2014, bumping “Free Again.” Seemingly moving past 50 Cent’s attempted napalming of half of the rappers in New York City (an event also known as The Massacre), there’s actually a lot to like here. Thanks be to an equally-resurrected DJ Kay Slay, Street Runner on the boards and some particularly inspired Joe lyrics.

Oh, 50? He just continues to grind away in the most compelling possible way. That vicious bite that made Get Rich Or Die Trying so menacing remains, with a couple of bars sure to inspire a rewind or two. There’s just something so fascinating about 50 – largely due to the extreme nature of his career. Hearing him in this form makes you wonder what the hell happened.*

Anyways, enjoy this better-than-expected East Coast offering. It’ll be on DJ Kay Slay’s upcoming album, Ryhme Or Die.

Photo: Instagram

* — Besides, ya know, being an a**hole.

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