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The Details: The Nike Air Tech Challenge Huarache ‘Tour Yellow’

By 01.13.14

Nike Air Tech Challenge Huarache 7

Words By Retro Boogie

It’s Dre Day. While some folks were up early Saturday for the Kobe Prelude 6s or even the Jordan Bobcat 10s (go figure), we decided to roll with a release that flew under the radar.

The Nike Air Tech Challenge Huaraches put the company’s tennis division on the map and rightfully so. Andre Agassi was easily the most flamboyant tennis pro since John McEnroe and each of the two colors reflected his personality and playing style.

As expected, the Huarache technology provided a nice sock-like feel which is nice for anyone who rocks their kicks unlaced. The downside is the lack of breathability so stock up on Dr Scholl’s spray if you’re the sweaty type. The overall shape is appealing, and as with these and the successor to the Challenge series, there’s a distinct basketball shoe feel to them. An underrated aspect on these is the asymmetrical toebox that’s armed with pretty sturdy “leather.” After two days of wear there’s no creasing whatsoever. A major plus indeed.

One thing that’s pretty conspicuous is the absence of the almighty swoosh on the side panel. Maybe a little odd at first but not entirely off-putting, especially considering that there are already two eye-catching patterns on the shoe as it is. Multicolored speckling and a wild herringbone-ish pattern brings us back to the days of Cross Colours and all the other wild shit we wore in the ’90s that we can’t help but SMH at now. Thankfully these aren’t as obnoxiously loud.

The Nike Air Tech Challenge Huarache might hit sales racks pretty quickly, but put this as an early contender for our list for one of the best of 2014.

Nike Air Tech Challenge Huarache 5

Nike Air Tech Challenge Huarache 6

Nike Air Tech Challenge Huarache 2

Nike Air Tech Challenge Huarache 1

Nike Air Tech Challenge Huarache 4


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