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Like Most People, Kevin Garnett Was A Ruff Ryders Stan In 2000

By 02.08.14

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come to the conclusion Kevin Garnett’s working with more basketball behind him than in front. Whenever K.G. decides to hang it up for good – which could be in a few months – the future first ballot Hall of Famer will be remembered in a myriad of ways.

Trash talker.

Great teammate.

By his detractors, all bark and no bite.


One label forgotten by most is music connoisseur. In this visual selfie allegedly recorded at sometime in 2000, “The Big Ticket” runs through his recent string of CD purchases because, yes, teenagers of America, there was a time when fans fancied themselves in the archaic practice of buying CD’s.

Confirmed is Garnett being a card-carrying and high-ranking member of the Ruff Ryders fan club evidence in his championing of Drag-On, DMX and the RR/Cash Money Tour. Further proof the video’s time stamp is authentic is Kevin’s praise of Aaliyah, which is notably absent of “R.I.P.” (she died in a plane crash in 2001).

Who knew Kevin Garnett was the Hip-Hop Matt Pinfield? Somewhat, at least.

Bonus: Way back in 1997, Kevin Garnett and Kevin Garnett’s 4XL Coogi sweater made the trip to Cleveland for their first All Star Game. Here’s the footage via NBA Inside Stuff.

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