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QoTD: So, Which De La Soul Album(s) Will You Download Today?

By 02.14.14


De La Soul’s decision to share their whole discography with fans may or may not be unprecedented but it’s dope beyond a doubt. We’re talking about a rap group – which is very rare in this day and age – that stood the test of time since their first album in 1989. Six seminal albums, as well as countless releases in between, and 25 years later, there will be a lot of music to choose from for the next 25-hour free period.

So, where will you start your free, legal e-crate-digging?

Several years ago, we had a community discussion on their best works that could probably be used as a resource. And, for the uninitiated, there’s always our De La Primer to help chart your course.

Also, mind your manners. Be sure to send the group members a thanks today: @DeLaSoulsDugout + @PlugWonDeLaSoul. I have no idea if Trugoy’s online so you may have to dig up their fan club info and mail him an actual letter.


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