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28 Reasons Why Black History Month 2014 Was The Absolute Worst Ever!

By 02.28.14

Kevin Durant The Servant

15. Kevin Durant’s New Nickname: The Servant

Kevin Durant has been having an MVP season. His basketball skills are nearly unparalleled and if he continues to play at the ridiculous level he is now, we’ll probably see him in June. However, the guy absolutely sucks at nicknames. He didn’t like Slim Reaper (which was actually brilliant) and decided The Servant was the most applicable pseudonym for him.

To be fair, we’re sure it has to do with his religious beliefs and that’s beyond commendable. It’s just not a great basketball nickname though. At all.

16. Score One For Good Ol’ Boys Of Georgia And Their Fancy New (Racist) License Plates


But what happens when a good chunk of the heritage is hate?

This crap would’ve never happened if OutKast just promised to drop a new album by now.

17. Ray Rice Allegedly Beating Up His Wife

Super Bowl champion, model citizen, and anti-bullying advocate Ray Rice looks to be in serious trouble. He’s charged with literally knocking his fiancée the fuck out, and there’s video evidence of him dragging what appears to be her unconscious body into an Atlantic City elevator. Police officials claim to have video evidence of the assault as well, which will edge an already awful Black History Month into new depths of failure.

Jeopardy black history

18. Black History Gets Ignored On ‘Jeopardy’

Three college-educated White kids went on Jeopardy and answered every. damn. question. on the board except for any Black History question. Rosie Perez would have kicked their asses this round.

19. Tennessee Official Threatened Blacks With Skin ‘Trophy’ He Saved From 1896 Lynching

Way to go, Tennessee! You’ve managed to one-up both Florida and Arizona in the no-way-this-can-happen-in-2014 race. As the story goes, medical investigator William Sewell met with Shun Mullins and two others to discuss the death of Mullins’ mother and allegations of racism in the way medical personnel treated her.

Sewell wanted to show Mullins what racism was so he described a lynching of a black man in detailed and included a footnote about his grandfather, who saved a piece of the deceased victim’s skin and passed it down through generations. Reportedly, Sewell took delight in telling the story and spoke on the piece of skin as if it “was like a trophy to him.”

The state finally stepped and terminated Sewell’s employment for conduct that could be perceived as a form of intimidation. But Shun Mullins should’ve never had to experience pre-Civil Rights treatment while searching for the answers to his mother’s death.

20. Man Stuffs His Pants With $100 Of Ribs At Piggly Wiggly

Well…a man’s gotta eat. You couldn’t sneak some quinoa or something in your britches, though?

21. Racist Twitter Troll Gets Exposed

So there’s some woman named Darth Venn aka Venny and she apparently makes fun of Black men for a living. Well, some people apparently found her at an Applebee’s looking like Despicable Me with edges and it became the biggest thing on Twitter for a day. Yes, this is what everyone was talking about.

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