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Cam’ron On Returning To Bill O’Reilly’s Show: “I’d Do It Worse Than I Did It Before.”

By 03.19.14

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Cam’ron seems to be in a really positive space right now. His relationship with JuJu appears to be on the up and up. He and Dame Dash are making business moves. And King Jaffe has the gas pedal glued to the floor creating anticipation for his Federal Reserve EP with A-Trak.

Sitting down with Jinx from Complex, The Head Diplomat In Charge speaks about the inspriation behind the project with A-Trak and his cape line while revealing Two The Hard Way is in the very, very early stages of possibly becoming more than just a trailer. The topic of his now legendary appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s The O’Reilly Factor and the chance to sit across from Billy O once again, he’d jump at the opportunity.

“Hell yeah, I would do it worse than I did it before. I’d embarrass him,” Cam said. “I didn’t even know I was walking into that, but I’m always prepared.”

Please, somebody, anybody, please book Cam on O’Reilly again. Please, for the love of everything heavenly. Just please.

Bonus: Ah hell, let’s all laugh at one the funniest moments in recorded TV history.

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