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Frank Ocean’s Being Sued For Pulling Out Of Chipotle Ad He Didn’t Want People Knowing Was A Chipotle Ad

By 03.08.14

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Today in man-what-the-hell, Frank Ocean reportedly finds himself on the end of hefty lawsuit – a sum of $215K, to be exact – after he decided he didn’t want to shill burritos for Chipolte. Take it away TMZ:

“According to the suit, filed today in L.A. County … Chipotle signed Frank to a $425,000 deal to sing a remake of “Pure Imagination” for a new animated ad.

But Chipotle claims Frank never recorded the track because when they showed him the final cut … Frank was pissed the company’s logo appeared at the end of the spot.

To reiterate … he was mad Chipotle’s logo was in a Chipotle advertisement.

The restaurant says it got an email from Frank’s people claiming Frank thought he was promised final say over the recording and all promotional materials — and believed the company was in breach when it refused to remove its logo.

Chipotle is suing to get back the $212,500 advance it paid Ocean.”

Fiona Apple went on to record the music used in the ad, which was originally released in September 2013. Titled “The Scarecrow,” the spot went hugely viral and got a lot of rave reviews so it’s a wonder why Ocean was so adamant about his music not being featured.


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