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LeBron James, Obamacare’s Newest Pitchman

By 03.16.14

lebron james obamacare video

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With the Obamacare deadline fast approaching on March 31, after which uninsured will pay tax penalty, the President is pulling out all the stops to urge Americans to get covered. His promo plan includes that hilarious Between Two Ferns appearance and, now, calling on his famous friends to pitch in. Enter LeBron James.

One thing’s for certain, LBJ is not MJ, who famously (or is it infamously?) refused to take a public stance on anything aside from winning games and selling shoes. Not the same for LeBron, even though he knows the move might not sit well with all of his fans. He’s aware of the potential backlash, but that’s the least of his worries. Per Bleacher Report:

“I mean, I can’t worry about that,” James said. “Especially who I am. I mean, I know that everything that I do is going to be bigger than what it should be or blown out of proportion. But what I believe in and the people that I support is what it’s all about. So I can sleep comfortably at night.”

Like or dislike the move, but at least appreciate the guy’s decision to do what he thinks is right and use the influence he has to promote action.

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