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Watch ‘Captain America’s’ Anthony Mackie Make Bill O’Reilly Super Uncomfortable on ‘Fallon’

By 04.07.14

Anthony Mackie on Fallon

Anthony Mackie has long been one of Hollywood’s better actors, but you could make an argument that he’s currently experiencing a high-water mark in terms of mass popularity. Not that I’m a marketing guru, but this might have something to do with his starring in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Having an action figure made in his likeness definitely doesn’t hurt, either.

Making the media rounds to promote Captain, Mackie dropped by Jimmy Fallon’s show last Friday night. What followed was six minutes of Mackie expressing his excitement for the project, how it feels to portray the first black superhero in a Marvel movie* and his reading between the lines to find a romantic relationship between Falcon and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, which may or may not actually exist in the movie, but who are we to question someone’s dream?

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* — Blade still counts, obviously, but if we’re talking about the Avengers timeline, Mackie’s the first.


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