Coming Attractions: Nike Kobe 9 EM Low ‘Laser Crimson’

By: 04.24.14

Nike’s really pushing the lows of the Black Mamba’s newest shoe and for good reason. They don’t look like Ric Flair specials(shoutout to David D), and they’re more affordable. The Nike Kobe 9 Low ‘Laser Crimson’ might be an extension of the Kobe 8 Elites, but it seems like new pairs are dropping at a break-neck pace.

It’s going to be tough to top those Bruce Lees, but I appreciate a solid effort with this coming drop. Hard to poop on a mostly black shoe with minimal accents, so no hate from me design-wise. But let’s keep it real shall we? Laser crimson is just another word for infrared. Leave that color on Jordans and Air Max 90s dammit.

Regardless of how I feel about a bootleg infrared color, there are only slight touches of it on the eyelets, sockliner and heel. The cracked cement pattern on the midsole adds a bit of an outdoor blacktop feel to the shoes. Actually, the cracked cement looks more like a weathered cracked paint.

The Nike Kobe 9 EM Low ‘Laser Crimson’ releases May 1st for $160. Without looking like a straight up homage to Jordan 3s or Jordan 6s, I cosign these kicks. You know, unless something better pops up the same weekend.

Nike Kobe 9 EM Low Laser Crimson 2

Nike Kobe 9 EM Low Laser Crimson 5

Nike Kobe 9 EM Low Laser Crimson 3

Nike Kobe 9 EM Low Laser Crimson 4

Nike Kobe 9 EM Low Laser Crimson 6

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