Durant, Thunder Snap Spurs' Big Win Streak
The Internet Exists So We Can Watch This Ambitious Dog Faceplant Into ...

4.4 The Cooler

By 04.04.14

David Letterman To Retire From ‘Late Show’ In 2015 [LA Times]

Cashed Crop: Pot Prices Plummet [High Times]

Whom Does Kobe Bryant Represent? [The New Yorker]

Chris Brown Taken Into Custody For D.C. Case [Billboard]

Should Sneaker Release Dates Be Eliminated? [TSG]

Driver Accidentally Hits Child, Is Brutally Attacked By Witnesses [Gawker]

Posthumous Album Stirs Old Drama For Michael Jackson [The Urban Daily]

Start Your Month With Video Vixen Beautifull April [Giant]

The Only Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram For Rap Beefs You Will Ever Need [Grantland]

Chalk One Up For OkCupid, As Brendan Eich Has Stepped Down As Mozilla’s CEO [Uproxx]

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