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Mac Miller’s Giving Away A Great Mother’s Day Gift

By 04.28.14

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Most of us keep it pretty simple for Mother’s Day. We give our moms a nice card with a heartwarming message, treat them to dinner at a restaurant so it’s one less day they have to stand in the kitchen and then maybe a modest gift if there’s room in the budget.

Mac Miller’s skipping all that this year by taking it back to elementary school and making his mom a gift from his own hands and ingenuity. Sort of.

On Sunday, Mac announced his next mixtape, currently titled Faces, will be releasing on May 11, which also doubles as Mother’s Day.

So there you have it. Whatever gift you were planning, Mac’s upstaged it. Maybe. Considering his mom may/may not listen to it, Faces will be more of a gift to fans than mothers everywhere. If it’s free, things probably will work out for the best since we’ll all be too broke to buy anything besides essentials until the following paycheck.

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