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New York Came Together To Boo The Hell Out Of Nick Cannon, And Rightfully So

By 04.07.14

Nick Cannon Booed At Madison Square Garden

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In wrestling, there’s good booing and bad booing. If the crowd boos someone positioned as a villain, then it’s good for the storyline and the company likes it. Then there’s what they call “go away heat,” which is the crowd just wanting the person they’re watching to die somewhere.

Madison Square Garden wants Nick Cannon to die somewhere. Maybe they’re all jealous that Nick Cannon has the most impressive booty list since Genghis Khan. Or maybe they all agree that Nick Cannon is still corny as every single f*ck ever. Maybe they’re all upset he didn’t make Cory Gunz famous. Whatever the case, this is nuclear heat. Cannon should have just sat at half court with his legs criss cross applesauce and talked about how he’s better and richer than all of those humanoids in the stands.

Anyway, make sure you cop Nick Cannon’s new album PAY ATTENTION TO ME or whatever it’s called whenever it drops. Or dropped. Or whatever.

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