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The Primer: 10 Trick Daddy Songs Everyone Should Know

By 04.23.14

trick daddy primer

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When we think of the most successful and consistent Southern rappers over the past 15 years, there aren’t many who would even consider Trick Daddy in the conservation. Yet, the original Slip-N-Slide superstar had quite a run for almost a decade, using his rugged versatility to produce plenty of noteworthy albums and chart-climbing singles along the way.

If you haven’t considered Trick Daddy in a while or ever, for that matter, give this gold-toothed underdog his proper due and reflect with these ten different displays of his rugged versatility.

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“Snowing In Miami”

Although Trick Daddy Dollars’ 1997 debut Based On A True Story didn’t deliver any real hit singles, the album was a regional success in the 305 and spawned unfiltered reality raps like this intimidating posse cut with Jamal & Buddy Roe.

“Nann N*gga” Feat. Trina

There’s no question this boot-knocking single from Trick Daddy’s 1998 album was the track that put both him and oft-collaborator Trina on the map. No. No. No question.

“Back In The Days”

Anyone skeptics looking for a theme song to salute their disappoint with the overall direction of society will proudly rep this chin-checking underground classic from Sixteen years after release, this is still an apt anthem for the real ones left out there, and arguably Trick Daddy’s best song.

“Could It Be” Feat. Twista

Some might say the actions described in this creeping album cut from Trick Daddy’s 2000 Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47 album might condone simping. Yet, after digesting the lyrical frustration displayed by Trick and Twista on behalf of their hang-ups with certain females, there’s no denying this well-designed collaboration justifies the sappiness.

“I’m A Thug”

Got a clear mind? Good luck walking away from this post without having Trick’s 2001 Thugs Are Us single sticking to your cranium. Between the MIA MC’s singalong hook with a local elementary school, his choppy thug slang and a beat that’s made for sipping cocktails on the back deck, there’s no wonder this track was one of his most successful.

“Thug Holiday” Feat. LaTocha Scott

For this title track to his 2002 album, the Slide-N-Slide OG held nothing back and serenaded listeners with his pointed views on religion, politics and the system that continually fails our people.

“In Da Wind” Feat. Cee-Lo & Big Boi

On a much lighter note, the lead single from Thug Holiday was about as easygoing as anyone could ask for. Featuring murder verses from two of the Dungeon Family’s most known members and a guitar-laden beat from Jazze Pha that would melt an iceberg, this underrated jam offered another unique route for Trick Daddy to stay relevant and remind us all how much he loves the kids.

“Let’s Go” Feat. Lil Jon & Twista

Father Trick’s biggest hit? Quite possibly. Ever since the Black Sabbath-sampling single dropped, this lively Lil Jon-produced room-rocker from his well-rounded 2004 album Thug Matrimony: Married To The Streets has been fueling pro sports stadiums around the country, which is probably why he’s content with making less music these days.

“Sugar” Feat. Cee-Lo & Ludacris

We’re not sure whether this track was an official sequel to “In Da Wind” or just a lazy rehash of the same hit formula, but this 2004 radio killer from Thug Matrimony still gives us a sweet tooth.

“I Cry” Feat. The Isley Brothers

Do thugs cry? Apparently, so. This mellow Scott Storch production from Thug Matrimony found Trick spitting from the gut, speaking on everything from fulfilling obligations for incarcerated brothers to the difficulties our younger generations face on the regular.

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