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50 Cent Can Throw A Baseball And There’s Video To Prove It

By 05.28.14

Getty Image

The fallout over one of the most disastrous ceremonial first pitches ever hit 50 Cent hard between late yesterday and today. The throw shown all over the world brought 50 more press than anything he’s done in a while. And much like Dame suggested more celebs should do, Curtis took it all in stride, content to laugh along with everyone and never taking himself too seriously.

However, in what may be a first, TMZ has come through with video that restores a rapper’s reputation. Somehow, they got their hands on a clip of 50 warming up before taking the field yesterday. And while he won’t make a MLB team (or even a Single A team for that matter), he shows that his southpaw delivery is much cleaner than what we saw yesterday.

Way to bounce back, Boo Boo.

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