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The adidas Originals ZX Flux Will Soon Look Like However You Want Them To Look

By 05.19.14

And now, the bane of sneaker customizers worldwide. adidas recently announced that in August of this year, the mi adidas photo app will let lovers of the ZX Flux upload their own images and put them on the shoes. The possibilities are endless. For those thinking what I’m thinking, there’s going to be a lot of naked chicks and illicit materials on a lot of pairs of adidas soon. Since the upper is one piece, they serve as a perfect canvas to let Photoshop vets and MS Paint newbies alike get their Methamphibian on (shoutout to OG Niketalk heads).

Another potential perk to the mi customization feature is being able to distort pictures once they’re on the shoe. The picture of the metal street grill Flux gives off the distorted perspective from the toe when the rest of the pairs look to be unaltered. So what you’re saying… is that I can put damn near anything I want on the shoe AND mess with the perspective? Looks like a second job is in my immediate future.

The adidas mi ZX Flux app will arrive August 2014.

Mi adidas ZX Flux 7

Mi adidas ZX Flux 2

Mi adidas ZX Flux 5

Mi adidas ZX Flux 3

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