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Petty – “Who All On Us”

By 05.17.14

Police Stop

“Don’t give a f*ck about a image, f*ck up out my business…”

Gotta love it when rappers flip their cadence mid-song, keeping listeners on their toes and generally making the track more interesting. It’s a technique that Petty uses to perfection with “Who All On Us,” which sees the Nashville representer spitting and quasi-singing (good luck prying “Just gimme 50 million and a bitch so coooooold” from your head this weekend) over a running Dispimpin beat. Ohhh, the confidence. The bars. Keep speaking from your chest, P.

The track serves as a primer for Petty Kane Jr’s next project, 43V3R. The release will mark the first time that we’ve been graced with a Petty tape since Short But Sweet, which, in case you’re late, is very much worth your time. Report back for more, and if you want to drop a celebratory .gif into the comments in anticipation of 43V3R, that’s totally understandable. And welcomed.

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