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Cheat Sheet: Your 12 Biggest NBA Draft Questions Answered

By 06.25.14

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7. Who has climbed the most up draft boards?

Noah Vonleh. Dude has skyrocketed in recent months, as generally happens with high upside guys. Vonleh has a 7’4 wingspan, which helped him lead the Big Ten in rebounding, and he also has the ability to step out and hit the three, which gets GMs drooling these days.

They’ve seemingly forgotten his inside scoring ability isn’t great, and he appears content to wait for teammates to create opportunities for him. He could be a fine complimentary piece on the right team, and his rebounding makes him less of a risk than he might otherwise be, but a few questions still remain on his overall game.

Best case: 2011 Channing Frye Worst case: 2009 Channing Frye

Who should take him: God knows Sacramento needs a power forward with range to compliment DeMarcus.

8. Wait…weren’t cats talking about Julius Randle a few months back?

Yup, but his stock has taken a slide – again, he isn’t as tantalizing as some of the other options. Dude is an NBA starter talent, for sure – he is strong, rebounds well and is comfortable with the ball in his hands, but doesn’t offer as much upside as the other guys mentioned here.

Best case: Zach Randolph. Worst case: Michael Sweetney

Who should take him: The Celtics should think long and hard about him. He’s an upgrade over Sullinger, in my mind.

9. Who is the best defender in the draft?

Wiggins might have a shot here, but we should give some respect to Aaron Gordon. He was built to defend multiple NBA positions, and will give whoever drafts him an immediate boost on that end of the floor. Physically, he compares with Blake Griffin – but he lacks the handles and offensive touch of BG. This is an incredible draft when it comes to athleticism. The lack of shine this guy is getting in the build up feels odd, but it’s just the way it is this year.

Best case: Prime Shawn Marion. Worst case: Kris Humphries

Who should draft him: He’s the one guy Sacramento should think about alongside Vonleh. Problem is, the Kings are the Kings, and they’ll probably end up drafting Nick Wiggins or someone. Meanwhile, the Lakers could do a lot worse than Gordon at No. 7.

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