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6.27 The Cooler

By 06.27.14

Adam Silver And The NBA Draft Isaiah Austin [Deadline]

Aunt of Oscar Grant Slain In Oakland [SF Gate]

Red Cross: How We Spent Sandy Money Is A ‘Trade Secret’ [ProPublica]

Supreme Court Says Phones Can’t Be Searched Without a Warrant [NYT]

Flying — And Crashing — A $1,300 Quadcopter Drone [Ars Technica]

Here Is Where You Will Find HIV [New Republic]

A Visualization Of All The Goals In The World Cup [ejoh]

25 Inexpensive Dates For The I-Ain’t-Got-It Brother [Madame Noire]

Aereo Down: Supreme Court Kills the Cord-Cutter’s Dream [Gizmodo]

Virtual Reality Is Ready To Manipulate Your Memories [Mashable]

House Republicans Might Accidentally Legalize Marijuana In DC [Vox]

Here’s Why Two Protesters Disrupted Google’s Biggest Event Of The Year [The Verge]

50 Cent x Bruce Willis ‘The Prince’ Trailer [Rap Radar]

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