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R.I.P. 'The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly' Star Eli Wallach

6.25 The Cooler

By 06.25.14

Apparent Bite by Luis Suárez Mars Uruguay’s Victory Over Italy [NY Times]

9 of the Most Expensive Things You Can Find on Amazon [Gizmodo]

This Might Be The Most Hilarious Walmart Employee Ever [Urban Daily]

King Of Angels: Dallas Austin On Outkast’s Lasting Legacy [Revolt]

Battle Drill: The Oral History of Saafir vs. Casual [HHDX]

Rage Against the Outrage Machine [The Atlantic]

FIFA Drops Gay Slur Case Against Mexico [The Big Story]

Migos Rapper Refuses To Snitch In Atlanta Murder Investigation [HHW]

How To Build A Tesla [Wash Post]

Paul McCartney Talks About The Breakup Of The Beatles [Esquire]

Justice Department Releases Memo Authorizing Targeted Killing Of American Citizen [NYT]

Detroit Cuts Off Water to 150,000 Residents, Prompting Appeal to United Nations for Help [Slate]

Old Man Caught Using Cellphone Jammer To Keep Motorists Around Him Off The Phone [Daily Mail]

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