Coming Attractions: Nike Air Trainer 1 Premium ‘Paid In Full’

By: 06.04.14

DIDDY BOP ACTIVATED. These ‘Paid In Full‘ Air Trainer 1s are perfect to do Manziel’s money dance in.

Finally, the ballingest of ballers can own a non-designer shoe that conveys the luxurious lifestyle of eating dinosaur scrambled eggs and drinking 23-year-old whiskey with chilled diamonds in it. Gold accents and a money print/text on the upper exude an assh*le rich dude type of vibe too. In a good way. The print itself could stand to maybe throw some denominations in there, but I’m going to assume the government would ban anything that too closely resembles actual money.

The matte texture of the print just translates better onto these Trainer 1s as opposed to the Supreme/Nike collab a few months ago. I could have done without the contrast stitching on the swoosh and would’ve liked more gold accents on the sole, but I still like these. One could definitely catch me in these fronting at Neiman Marcus like I got that Diddy money.

The Nike Air Trainer 1 Premium ‘Paid In Full’ releases June 7th for $120.

Nike Air Trainer 1 Premium Paid In Full 2

Nike Air Trainer 1 Premium Paid In Full 3

Nike Air Trainer 1 Premium Paid In Full 4

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