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USA Ties With Portugal In The Worst Way Ever

By 06.22.14

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Thirty seconds, man…

Thirty seconds is all it took for US to come off, what would’ve been, the biggest USMNT win in the universe of everything ever after. Cristiano Ronaldo’s wonder ball to Silvestre Varela didn’t have that in the cards. The cross met Varela’s head and, as the net bulged, a nation went dark to the tune of “WHAT IS THIS, I DON’T EVEN?!”

OK, let me stop. Seeing the US tie with Portugal off a terrible clearance and an awful team lapse sucks. Never mind the fact we can’t see meme’s of Cristiano Ronaldo’s pain just yet. These fools played attractive futbol and Jermaine Jones’ cracker really came out of nowhere. Plus Clint Dempsey practically smanged the ball into the net. That’s as American as it gets.

Portugal, meanwhile, made some dangerous strikes but never looked unbeatable even after their early lead. Either way the silver lining shows the US needed at least a draw and met the minimum requirement. The US just need to have a short memory and sharpen up for Thursday’s match against Germany.

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