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SlowBucks Lawyered Up & Held A Press Conference

By / 06.05.14

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Today in Hip-Hop news, the fallout from the Summer Jam beatdown allegedly administered by goons of 50 took a new turn, one unfamiliar even to rap. Winslow Lubin, known as Slow of SlowBucks, held a press conference with John P. Bostany of Bostany Law firm to make it know an investigation is underway to determine who attacked Slow.

However, they won’t be looking to press criminal charges at this time. No, their goal is to determine who gave Slow the fade and pursue them with legal action that will most likely lead to a civil suit not for the harm done to slow, but to the brand itself.

A few choice quotes from Bostany:

– “What happened on Sunday would have brought us back 20 years if we weren’t dealing with a warrior like SlowBucks.”

– “SlowBucks walked the straight line, had the courage to come here and remind everyone that no matter how rich or powerful some might become, how popular they may be, they still are not above the law.”

– “They know he is the founder of SlowBucks, the number one urban brand on the rise today. They want to hurt that brand and they are trying to hurt that brand. We are going to put and end to that. We’re here, I’m a trademark attorney. I’m a copyright attorney and I fight unfair competition.”

– “His brand is going up. It’s on the rise. That’s a fact. And there are competitors…competitors don’t like that. So when you take the guy who’s behind the brand and you try to embarrass him and humiliate him, that is meant for one thing only: to make you money, and make him lsess money.”

– “He came to me because he’s a businessman. Businessman do business things. If he was a thug, he may have done something else.”

– “Brand repair. Back on track. The steps that were taken on Sunday by competitors was meant to hurt the brand. I’m a trademark attorney. I repair brands when they are damaged by competitors. So that’s why I’m here. To try to put us back where we were and keep us going up to the sky, which is the direction we were moving.”

Based off today’s happenings and his speech, I’d say that Mr. Bostany is going to give Max B.’s lawyer a run for his money as rap’s most entertaining legal counsel.

For anyone still trying to figure out who Slow of SlowBucks is, Boxden’s PyrexVisionary gave his breakdown of Slow’s history, his ties to Queens and 50 as well as where it all went astray.

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