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Cam’ron Emojis Are In Your Phone’s Future

By 07.28.14

In 2014, having conversations through memes and gifs is not only completely acceptable, it’s also easy to follow along. With news of a fresh barrage of emojis on the horizon – including the middle finger – rap’s most hilarious entrepreneur looks set to get in on the action.

Using his entertaining Instagram, Killa announced the ball is in motion for his own emoji deal.

“Just finish [sic] meeting with @coleshneider .. She executed a emoji deal for me.. Now we are going over ideas.. KeepCalm #IKnowEmojisArentThisBig #JustBrainStorming #SheDontEvenNeedDaMoney #SheSaidICanHaveHerPercentage Thx #myCaucasian ..Coming this fall..”

It won’t, but everyone pray to the Dipset gawds this becomes a reality pronto. The “U MAD” emoji could be gold come football season.

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