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Key Nyata Transcends With His ‘Cosmic Dad’ Mixtape

By 07.06.14

For a mere ten tracks, or twelve if you’re over at SoundCloud, Key Nyata goes Cosmic Dad on y’all. Usually, Nyata works with hazy beats that have me feeling like I’m lost in a fog and can’t find my way out. Cosmic Dad, though, isn’t like that one bit as the production has a discernible pulse this outing. Key Gawd’s monotone, lo-fi rapping surprisingly gels with his beat selection perfectly. This is definitely one of those tapes that I can roll my windows down in the car and bop my head along to.

Stream Cosmic Dad below and download it here.

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Footnote: Unrelated, but does anyone else recognize the sample from “It’s Alright?” I swear someone else used it, and it’ll forever haunt me until I figure out who!


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