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Metta World Peace Is Gunning For The Top On “I’m The Best”

By 07.01.14

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“Whatever gin and juice that the industry drinking/I want the full cocktail, pass the damn Franklins”

Metta World Peace’s biggest weapon as an emcee is the fact that he’s Metta World Peace. Being honest, 90% (okay, 100%) of the reason I clicked play was because whenever an athlete releases a song, you listen to the damn thing.

And… I mean, it’s actually not the worst song I’ve heard in my life. Which in and of itself is a disappointment. I wanted 30-car pile-up* and was treated to some annoying rush hour traffic. It’s just average enough where we won’t be able to be smart-asses about it. Hit play and hear for yourself; considering Peace’s long-standing love affair with Hip-Hop, there should be more coming.

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* – Ed. Note: The “30-car pile-up” most likely occurs with MWP speaking on the song’s meaning with an explanation that was included with the press release.

“When u are in rare form, and trying to get on but rejection calls what do you do? Historically people win, people give up, people doubt themselves and people prevail. Rapping to me is halftime of my life. I play many games of life and the championship nears. This song is called “I’m the best”.”

I’ve read that four times now and still can’t comprehend it.

Don’t ever change, Ron Ron.

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