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Young Thug’s Strange “Lifestyle” Works Well For Him

By 07.10.14

“Get along little doggy, get along….get along little doggy, get along…”

Out of all the Young Thugger music out there, and boy is there a ton, “Lifestyle” is one of those songs that we surely won’t forget, for that intro alone.

Sonically, “Lifestyle” is also reminiscent of his early years under Radric’s wing. There’s an abandon and he’s not trying too hard (or at all). As strange as it is for him to go from singing “get along little doggy” and then snarking “Wake the f*** up fatass,” he somehow makes it work. Who knows if he was able to entice that doggy, though.

Word on the e-streets is that there’s going to be a 1017 Thug 2, releasing on July 11th. With that name, it could very well be another Gucci Mane sanctioned release but, as time has shown, anything can happen when it comes to Thug’s music and career.

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