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By 08.11.14

In 2003, 50 Cent officially launched himself into the stratosphere of pop culture with the smash “In The Club” and his classic debut album Get Rich Or Die Trying. But for many, this wasn’t their introduction to the Queens rapper. That moment happened four years earlier on a little song called “How To Rob.”

Released 15 years ago as of yesterday, “How To Rob” was originally set to be the first single off what was supposed to be his debut, Power of the Dollar, before life intervened in the form of nine very famous gunshot wounds. Instead 50 would be dropped from his label, the album would be scrapped and the song would later be a part of the In Too Deep soundtrack.

Taking aim at almost 40 of rap’s most notable names, 50’s dreams of sticking up everybody for their cash made an everlasting impression. He came out guns blazing at the industry, and spared no one (except for Mariah Carey). Curtis set about comically robbing everybody he could fit into two verses, ruffling feathers all around.

Over the next 15 years, Curtis didn’t actually rob anybody on the song as he went on to cash and stardom. 50 actually says he’s now out of negative energy and he’s moving on from that. However, there have been some run-ins though, so to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the song’s release, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at what happened when 50 interacted with all those people he once wanted to rob.

1. Lil Kim

“I’ll snatch Kim and tell Puff, ”You want to see her again
Get your ass down to the nearest ATM'”

Since kidnapping Lil Kim (and dissing her for ‘f*cking with her nose”) he has actually collaborated with her, mid 50-mania, on “Magic Stick”. The track went on to become Kim’s highest charting single of her career as a solo artist. “Magic Stick” peaked at number two on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart despite never being physically released as a single or having a video, another testament to just how gigantic 50 was at his peak.

P. Diddy Paris Hilton 50 Cent

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2. Diddy

“I’ll snatch Kim and tell Puff, ”You want to see her again
Get your ass down to the nearest ATM'”

Diddy and Fifty haven’t been exactly, friendly, in the 15 years since 50 demanded Puff get to the nearest ATM, but they have also shown signs of respect. Puff even hopped on the aptly named “I Get Money” remix with Curtis and fellow Forbes list mainstay Jay Z (more on him in a second) in 2007. In fact, the remix was actually a celebration of the trio finishing 1-2-3 on the list (50 was sandwiched between number one Jay and Puffy). Most recently 50 took aim at Diddy in one of his hilarious Instagram videos.

2005 Spike TV Video Game Awards - Backstage and Audience

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3. Ma$e

“Since these Harlem World n*ggas seem to all be fam
I put the gun to Cardan tell him, ‘Tell your man’
Mason Betha, haha, come up off that watch now, I mean right now”

Pastor Mason never responded to Fifty as he would be retired from rap within a year, leaving music behind to become a pastor. His inevitable return to rap in 2004 with the profanity free album Welcome Back was surprisingly successful, netting the Harlemite a gold plaque. It was the following year when he decided to click up with Fif and his G-Unit imprint and Ma$e even brought back the “Murda” to his rhymes for the occasion. Appearing first on a mixtape track called “300 Shots,” Ma$e would eventually release an entire mixtape under the G-Unit banner and appear in various videos with the crew.

The union came to an end however, when Diddy said it would take $2 million to get the pastor out of his Bad Boy contract, to which 50 hilariously told Funk Flex years later, “Ma$e isn’t worth $2 million with $2 million in his pocket.” Ouch.


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