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By 08.03.14
Chris Webber Washington Bullets

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Between the years 1993 and 1994, Chris Webber’s life was a whirlwind. “The timeout” in the ’93 national title game against UNC came to define his two-year rise to megastardom at Michigan, albeit both fairly and unfairly. Then-President Bill Clinton even offered him a shoulder to cry on. Nevertheless, Webber was still named the top overall pick in the same year’s NBA Draft.*

Rookie of the Year honors and a career moment in posterizing Charles Barkley be dammed, Webber sat out the first six games of the 1994-95 season due to a contract dispute. The Warriors quickly organized a deal sending C-Webb to the Bullets for Tom Gugliotta and three first-round draft picks.

One of the first people to welcome Chris to The District was Joe Clair who caught up with the Fab 5’er on a 1994 Rap City episode. Dateline or 60 Minutes this is not. Yet, within less than a three minute span, Webber praises Rakim, Scarface, Redman, Biggie and Nas, takes a shot at MC Hammer, promptly avoids the East Coast/West Coast “beef” topic and voices his disdain for gogo music. None of which should come as a surprise.

Webber’s one-foot-in-the-door involvement with rap is noteworthy, from his 1999 debut album 2 Much Drama and later producing for Nas. In the aforementioned clip, Chris survives the gauntlet of questions in patented, relaxed C-Webb fashion.

Twenty years later, he’d become one of the better play-by-play analysts at Turner Sports. Not exactly the most perplexing career trajectory when breaking it all down.

Bonus: Never forget Chris Webber scored a Top 10 hit with “Gangsta, Gangsta (How U Do It)” with Kurupt.

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* – Long since swept under the rug is the fact for 30 minutes C-Webb and Shaquille O’Neal were teammates in Orlando.

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