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Not Familiar With EPISODE’s ‘Hold On’? Change That Now.

By 08.26.14


Who: New York-based alternative band/production group, EPISODE

What: Their music video for “Hold On,” slated to be featured on the group’s EP of the same title

When: Aforementioned EP drops September 2

Where: Anywhere there’s a wi-fi

That’s pretty much the pertinent info in a nutshell.

To say I was familiar with Daniel Lonner, Eric Sherman, Scott Jacboson and Brett Schneider – collectively known as EPISODE – prior to this week would be a lie. I still don’t know much.

The major difference is now I want to.

“Hold On” (featuring Stefan Weiner) came highly recommended from a trusted source. The best way to describe the number is first highlighting its therapeutic vibe. The situation the quartet covers is a familiar tone of coming to grips with “the one” ultimately proving to be “the wrong one” and love which has long-since met its expiration date.

Nevertheless, EPISODE crafts the song in a manner and melody proving impossible to play only once. It’s a melancholy musical lodged in a Pringles can, in a sense. Maybe I’m tripping, perhaps I’m overrating the record and maybe I can’t separate my own personal experience linking to “Hold On” enough to give the masses a proper, accurate opinion.

And if that’s true, then so be it. One thing I know for sure, though, is the project I’ll be scooping next week.

Which was probably their intention from jump street anyway.

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