Sibling Rivalry: Drake Vs. Lil Wayne, Part II

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Bert had Ernie. Marcus Bennett had Mike Lowrey. Cheech had Chong. Riggs had Murtaugh. And in this case, even Ryu had Ken.

With respect to Killer Mike and El-P, Drake and Lil Wayne are rap’s most prolific bromance at the moment thanks to their 31-city Drake Vs. Lil Wayne tour that started last weekend. Five years ago – when I was still new at TSS and Drake was rap’s Rookie of the Year – a running tally was created for the duo’s songs and who walked away with the better showing. Of the 17 records, Drake came away victorious 11-6 and with another 18 songs listed here, it’s clear to see why two-thirds of Cash Money’s bread winners embarking on a tour together makes sense from a musical standpoint.

Of the 17 records, Drake came away victorious 11-6 and with another 18 songs listed here, it’s clear to see why two-thirds of Cash Money’s bread winners embarking on a tour together makes sense from a musical standpoint.

As for the rules, there’s only one. Much like five years ago, only songs with verses from Drake and Wayne are used. Hence the reason records like “She Will,” “Love Me” and “With You” aren’t listed. “Grindin'” also isn’t on the list. Feel free to make that judgement on your own.

Let’s get to it.

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1. Young Money – “Pass The Dutch”

Project: We Are Young Money (2009)

Drake: “Life is such a beach it’s sandy all around me/ I came here with Young Money man that’s family all around me/ I’m in my living room and I got Grammy’s all around me/ And famous b*tches doing nose candy all around me…”

Wayne: “You can call him your husband/ Call me at night time and even though women change I will always like dimes/ And yeah I’m quite fine but shorty much finer/ And I just get behind her then smack it like E. Honda/ And please don’t hate on me when you see me with Kiana/ Cause she’s wilder than Nirvana and colder than your honor/ Holla at yo’ boy mañana Maybach come wit a recliner/ Run up on me and sh*t will get uglier than an iguana…”

Synopsis: This was still No Ceilings-esque Wayne, a musical psychopath was on a tear in late 2009 bodying nearly everything he touched while the reality of Rikers Island inched closer and closer. Drake’s verse wasn’t anything to scoff at, but Wayne’s “finer-behind her-E. Honda-Kiana-Nirvana-your honor-manana-recliner-iguana” sequence was a combination even Floyd Mayweather would envy.

Tally: Drake – 0 | Wayne – 1

2. Young Money – “F*ck The Bullsh*t”

Project: We Are Young Money (2009)

Drake: “The mother of yo’ child always tell you I’m her favorite/ She call me her baby, not the one she was in labor with/ She say “ooh you taste good,” I say “ooh just savor it”/ She know that she love a n*gga I be on that major sh*t…”

Wayne: “Hustlin is so necessary, with no adversaries/ But ain’t no love, like a calendar with no Februarys/ I’ma need four secretary, and four Bloody Marys/ I’ma go eat me some p*ssy, and choke off the cherry I’m gone…”

Synopis: To be fair, Drake’s verse was the longest, but Wayne never really stood a chance. Not quoted above, but Aubrey’s “I own her heart and mind and shirt she slept in” was quality not-so-much-humblebrag.

Tally: Drake – 1 | Wayne – 1

3. Young Money – “Finale”

Project: We Are Young Money (2009)

Drake: “Yeah, tell me who controls kings/ I don’t follow rules, stupid old things…”

Wayne: “New Orleans, n*gga, how about them f*ckin’ Saints/ It’s tight on our end, call that Bubba Franks…”

Synopsis: “Finale” was a weird one to call because both verses had their shortcomings. Drake’s opening line? He’s seen better, but quickly recovered with the Tetris line. Wayne’s verse started off strong with a steroid shot of energy, changed pace with the blood-money reference, picked back up with the Saints reference then morphed into random babbling to finish things off.

Drake gets the edge mainly because he wasted less bars.

Tally: Drake – 2 | Wayne – 1

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