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Wiz Khalifa’s Got Warrants

By 08.06.14

Actually, only one bench warrant but that’s one more than any brother needs.

Per the AP, the rapper missed his court day in Texas for a misdemeanor weed charge. Wiz was scheduled to appear in an El Paso County court on Wednesday but failed to appear. As a result, the judge issued a bench warrant for Khalifa’s arrest.

Back in May, Taylor Gang’s captain was arrested at an airport after authorities discovered his stash during a TSA search. Many will remember the May arrest since the rapper took a selfie while in lock-up.

I have a hypothesis that says Wiz missed the court date on purpose to boost his street cred a bit after his new “Promises” song and video got panned. Obviously, I can’t prove this but it’s a working hunch. Either way, it’s about to be #FreeTrapWiz all over again.

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