Only On Camera: 25 Rappers & Their TV Show Counterparts

06.21.12 6 years ago 43 Comments

S/O: Jimmy 2 Times

We love rap music. We love television. With hobbies like these it’s pretty easy to notice parallels and similarities. After doing enough Netflix-ing, watching syndicated shows and listening to our favorite artists, we noticed that some rappers took on the personalities and qualities of some of our favorite television shows. So naturally, we decided to point them out to you.

Here are 25 rappers and the TV shows they remind us of. As usual, feel free to add any of your own.

1. Lauryn Hill – Chappelle’s Show — Even though we only got small doses of them, they were both classics that we’ll lament for years to come, even if politics and perceived insanity cut their runs short.

2. Kendrick Lamar – Community– Possibly the greatest thing going but it can go over people’s heads sometimes. You can’t ignore each having rabid online fan bases that will translate to mainstream in no time.

3. Drake – How I Met Your Mother — It’s easy to hate any and everything on CBS much like it’s easy to hate YMCMB. And Drake may be just as annoying as Ted at times but you can’t deny the constant high quality.

4. Busta Rhymes – SNL — They had great, groundbreaking years in the beginning but they’re just there now taking up space and going through the motions.

5. Outkast – Arrested Development — Limited product but everything put out under both of these names was gold. Constant flirtations with comebacks (new CD, the AD movie) do nothing but torture passionate fans. – AJ

6. Lil Wayne – Family Guy — Weezy and Family Guy spout instant quotables people pretend to be too smart for but when it was hot it was damn entertaining. They’ve fallen off over the years though.

7. Jay-Z – Law and Order — They’ve been around for ages with consistent quality that’s spawned a million clones and wannabes.

8. Lil B – Aqua Teen Hunger Force — Appeals to a very limited audience who swears by the product. Everyone else is left scratching their collective heads.

9. Kanye West – Breaking Bad — Arguably the best at what they do. Constantly redefining what a rapper/TV show can achieve. Breaking Bad is entering its fifth season and Yeezy arguably has five classics under his belt.

10. Waka Flocka – Jersey Shore — We are probably too smart for it but can’t turn away.

11. Soulja Boy – Meet The Browns — Can’t help but feel embarrassed every time you see them.

12. DJ Khaled – 106 & Park — Radio-friendly music and annoying as f*ck when talking is involved.

13. Clipse – Curb Your Enthusiasm — Smart, influential and just slightly under the mainstream’s attention. Your favorite rapper/show’s favorite rapper/show.

14. Diddy – Cribs– All they do is make us feel poor at all times.

15. Rihanna – Tila Tequila’s Shot Of Love — Both sport rumored drug use, failed relationships and all around drama. And who knows when a fight is going to break out.


17. Lil Kim – The Simpsons — They were good in the ’90s when they could afford the best writers. Now? Not so much.

18. Wu-Tang Clan – Game Of Thrones — A million different storylines/families and they’re all badass. “My seeds marry his marry his seeds that how we keep Lannister money all in the family.”

19. Dee-1 – Modern Family — Family-friendly with an edge to it. You may think you’re too cool but one episode in and you’re a fan.

20. Nicki Minaj – Gullah Gullah Island — It’s damn near unbearable for adults but kids like the bright colors. And there are plenty of plastic props that act as visual aids.

21. Danny Brown – Archer — Outrageous. Hilarious. Vulgar. And a slight acquired taste, but easily one of the best out there.

22. Wiz Khalifa – Parks and Recreation — Rocky start and nobody saw this amount of success coming. But it has blown up and it’s spawning a ton of successful actors/rappers.

23. Charles Hamilton – Celebrity Rehab — It’s a car crash we can’t turn away from. And you kind of feel bad for laughing at it.

24. Run DMC – The Cosby Show — Set the stage for Black performers in a genre to really make it mainstream.

25. 50 Cent – Tonight Show With Jay Leno — They’re two of the most hated men in showbiz. They use underhanded tactics to get their way and have been bland as shit for a while now.

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