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03.18.10 8 years ago 21 Comments


Will Treme Surpass The Wire? [The Daily Beast]

Top 10 Anti-Gay Activists Caught Being Gay [Ranker]

Nike Hypermax 2010 ‘Lakers Road’ [Street Level]

Two Million People Watched Nicki Minaj on BET [TRU]

Spain: Non-Commercial File Sharing Is Legal [Mashable]

Bounty Paper Towels Go Viral With Hip-Hop Video [WoooHa]

Are You Watching TV While You Read This? [All Things Digital]

WTF: ‘All Black People’ Asked to Leave WalMart in New Jersey [Blippitt]

5 Underground Hip-Hop Albums from 1997-2003 You Don’t Know About (But Should) [HMJ]

Inmate Awarded $95,000 Settlement After Guard Rips Out Gold Teeth [Hip-Hop Wired]

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