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03.24.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Jimmy Carter Thinks The NSA Is Spying On His Emails [The Hills]

Why You’re Bad At Giving Gifts [The Atlantic]

Cops Or Soldiers?: America’s Police Have Become Too Militarised [The Economist]

The Mafia Ruling Ukraine’s Mobs [Daily Beast]

Jared Remy & The Life Of An Accused Killer [Boston Globe]

Yep, BuzzFeed Is Doing Sponsored Quizzes, Too [BuzzFeed]

Toilet Tech Fair Tackles Sanitation Woes [AP]

I Work As A Writer For Reality Shows — Here’s The Deal [xo Jane]

The IRS Slaps Lauryn Hill With Nearly Another $1,000,000 In Tax Liens [Urban Daily]

Are These Celebrities Photoshopping Their Instagram Photos? [BuzzFeed]

Why ‘My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection’ Matters [Daily Dot]

Chris Brown: Jail Is Terrible, I Feel Like a ‘Caged Animal’ [TMZ]

9 Scary Cases Of Wealthy People Serving No Time For Their Crimes [Giant]

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