Millions In Missing Nikes Discovered In A Kentucky Home

06.03.14 3 years ago 26 Comments

3-Million-Dollar-Stolen Nike

What do you do when millions of dollars in Nikes land on your doorstep? Wear some, sell the others. Bless a few friends and family. The possibilities are obviously endless but chances of a FedEx dropping thousands of fresh kicks at your door are next to nil.

I say “next to” only because one Kentucky woman claims that’s the case after she did ended up with $3 million worth of free footwear on her porch.

“Five years ago, a large shipment of Nike sneakers were supposed to go from the shoe company’s distribution center in Tennessee to another center in Texas. The $3 million worth of footwear vanished en route but recently turned up in a house in Kentucky.

“A woman in Radcliff, KY, and her daughter tell WLKY-TV that they had bought the load of sneakers off another woman and were selling them for $5 a pair.

“’Apparently Nike had called and contacted them and the shoes were stolen and they had been stolen since 2009 and there were three million dollars worth of shoes in my front yard,’ says the seller, who claims to have had no idea the sneaks were stolen. ‘They confiscated all of them.’

Oh. Didn’t know they were stolen? Did they think it was a case of Hoarders: Extreme Sneaker Edition? I guess I’d tell news crews the same thing though. No need to rat yourself out.


“Her daughter, still sporting some Air Jordans from the huge stash o’ shoes, describes the massive array of footwear they had spread out on their lawn.

“’I can’t even tell you how many shoes we had, it was unbelievable,’ she recalls to WLKY. “There was flip flops, there was Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian heels… Expensive shoes.”

“They said that during the week they would sort through the piles of shoes to match up correct pairs and then sell them at the flea market.

“’I’ll sit there for not even two hours and make $200,’ says the daughter.”

I never knew Nike made Kardashian pro models or Jennifer Lopez limited editions so it sounds like these nincompoops didn’t know what they were holding. If it weren’t clear, the image of her wearing Team Jordans should make it obvious. Or, in her defense, maybe they caught her on an off day when her third pair of Cement IIIs were dirty.

I’m lef wondering why the hell couldn’t I run up on this damn daily yard sale where they were pushing Jordans for $5 per pair?

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