Here’s A Reminder The ’30 for 30: Requiem For The Big East’ Airs Tonight

03.16.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

Post-Bracketology, stay tuned to ESPN as they’ll be airing the latest 30 For 30 production, Requiem For The Big East. The doc will highlight the basketball programs, players and coaches that lead the conference to the prominence to the departure last year by Syracuse and Pittsburgh, signaling darker days to come as the one-time leader in hoops finds itself losing relevance in a landscape dominated by college football revenues. As director Ezra Edelman explained to NPR:

“…A big-time college football program makes three times the amount of a big-time college basketball program. And the money that you generate from television is leaps and bounds more, and so Syracuse and these other programs, when these offers came in recent times to go to a bigger conference with a bigger television contract, they took it. And what we lose, we lose the identity of the basketball conference, the identity of the regionalism of these schools.”

As we said previously, we’ll be tuned in just to recall all the rivalries that led the Big East to be a powerhouse for 30 years. Tons of hoops history should be covered, making Requiem For The Big East worth the watch tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST

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