The 30 Sneakers That Should Always Be On Store Shelves

05.24.13 4 years ago 17 Comments

It never fails that, once a month, I wake up and really want to lace up a pair of black/cement Jordan IIIs. Never ever fails. Just wake up, put them on and go walk around the world all pigeon-toed, diddy bop sort of how Mookie rocked them in Do The Right Thing. I’m not even a Jordan dude like that but the IIIs are above being “just Jordans.” They’re arguably one of the best shoes of all time.

The only problem is I don’t own a pair. When they retro every couple of years, I always miss out (mostly for lack of trying) and buying them off the secondary market is a no-go since I’m not trying to pay $250+ for any pair of shoes.

That’s why Russ’ latest feature, “30 Iconic Sneakers That Should Always Be In Production,” makes a world of sense. The logic is perfect actually, at least from a consumer standpoint. There are certain models that the term “saturation” could never apply to because buyers always have a want for them.

Imagine if you could walk into your local chain store, take a fresh pair of IIIs, black IVs or some of the other 20+ sneakers named off the wall, ask for your size and, like an angel, the sales associate floats from the backroom and hands you a pair in your size. You walk up the register pull out your cash, pay retail and float out of the shop.

That would be the sneaker version of utopia.

Read the full article “30 Iconic Sneakers That Should Always Be In Production” at Complex.

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