“Dope On The Damn Table.”

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The title? Another Wire Reference

You know what’s worse than 500 pounds of weed?

41 kilos of raw found in Baltimore.

Police set up surveillance of Murphy’s home Thursday evening. They saw Murphy and another man leave the house, each carrying a white plastic garbage bag. The men drove off in separate directions, and police followed them. The men ultimately dumped the bags, which turned out to contain packaging and other materials with cocaine residue, the documents show.

That was enough for police to obtain a search warrant for Murphy’s home, which they executed early Friday. No drugs were found inside the house, but Murphy denied several times that he owned a pickup truck that was parked outside and registered in his name, the documents show. It was the same truck Murphy had used when he dumped the garbage bag.

Officers spotted the cocaine in packages in the bed of the truck, obtained a search warrant and recovered the 41 kilograms, the documents show.

“I think everyone was surprised by the amount,” Guglielmi said.

Ladies & gentleman, the drought is here.

Man, 33, Charged In Huge Cocaine Seizure In Baltimore [Baltimore Sun]

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