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05.15.14 4 years ago 22 Comments

Google Glass Is For Sale Again [CNN]

Passed Over: Zach Kerr & When The NFL Says No [Rolling Stone]

Awful Show ‘Two and a Half Men’ To Be Canceled After Awful Final Season [Defamer]

The ‘Sport Mode’ Button Is Crap [Jalopnik]

To The Class Of 2014: Sit Down And STFU [Daily Beast]

5 Ways to Resolve Pet Peeves [Inc.]

10 Sneakerheads on How They’d Fix the Industry [Complex]

10 Best Celebrity Voices On “The Boondocks” [Urban Daily]

15 Nike Retro Runners We Wish Would Release This Summer [Kicks Deals]

Coco & The Vanity Vixens Launch Burlesque Show In NYC [Hip-Hop Wired]

The Library Of Congress Wants To Destroy Your Old CDs [The Atlantic]

Indian Court Says Forced Marital Sex Is Not Rape [NYT]

Terrell Owens Says He’s Broke Because He Has No Skills Besides Football [BSO]

Donald Sterling Lessons: PR In The Age Of No Privacy [Shoe Money]

Benzino On How He Changed After Getting Shot [Rickey Smiley]

The Only Legitimately Terrifying Prank You’ll See This Year Involves A Killer Klown [UP]

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