5 Changes That Make Gran Turismo 6 The Best Racing Sim Ever

01.27.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

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Gran Turismo 6 came at a great time. There’s no question that gamers had issues with the previous title, Gran Turismo 5. The problems ranged from the finicky premium/standard car assortment, to the bad collision sounds and all the way down to the god-awful menu screens. But the fine folks at Polyphony Digital listened to fans, and actually fixed these issues. Well, most of them. With these changes, though, we’ve gotten the best racing simulator ever!!!… so far.

Some aspects of the series remain like the graphics (already top notch), the car count (1200), the multiple tracks (77 track layouts) and the Red Bull X Series vehicles. Since GTA V came near the end of the PS3’s reign, this Gran Turismo 6 should be another title to extend life of your console. And since we probably won’t see GT 7 on the PS4 for another 3-4 years, you best get some practice on Nürburgring before we go 3D in the next-gen.

Outside of the problems that plagued GT5, it was a pretty solid simulator. So what makes GT 6 that much better? You hear crappy crash and engine sounds. Cars from Dodge Porsche receive no representation although you still have RUF cars. Sadly, Polyphony Digital even added the treacherous capability to purchase in-game credits with real world money like so many games are doing nowadays. But that didn’t steer this game away from being a sure-buy. Here are the 5 changes that has made GT6 the best racing simulator ever.


1. “Coffee Break” + Goodwood Festival of Speed races

A lot of people were unsure about these features.* But once they got their hands on the mini games, boy were they addictive AND rewarding. The cone and drift challenges put your handling skills to the test, and give you extra credits and more flare/achievements. The FoS races put you through paces with cars you probably didn’t have the credits to purchase yet, and give you a fun, fulfilling challenge.


*We’re gonna act like the moon buggy missions don’t exist


2. Vision Gran Turismo

“Vision Gran Turismo” stands as arguably GT 6‘s most exciting feature. This new aspect allows the developers to designs cars specifically for GT 6‘s users before they hit production (like the Toyota FT-1). They already released the Bizarro concept ‘Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo’, and they have Nike and Air Jordon in the lineup for concepts soon.


3. Better Menu Functionality

We received better menu controls on top of custom soundtracks: a holdover from Gran Turismo 5. You still get the faux mouse arrow, except with finer scrolling and simplified car organization. The UI’s re-haul makes for a much improved experience off the tracks over GT 6‘s predecessor.



4. Better Handling, Physics, Realistic Weather, and ‘GPS Visualizer’

Gamers should notice GT 6‘s physics pushed up a notch. Bounces, bends, and handling feel more realistic than before. Alterations to toe angles and suspension yield highly accurate effects on maneuverability: even with hairpin. You also can get real-time weather dynamics of that exact location.

The “GPS Visualizer” is a slick, new addition to GT 6. It allows you to view the data from your real life track run, and recreates it in GT6. It’s currently only available for the Scion FR-S with hardware installations and USB connections into your PS3. But soon, for all gamers, you will be able to use the GPS on your mobile device to gather the data, allowing for everyone to experience this. Predictions says people will use to track their quickest routes to and from works.



5. All Cars Available At Start

A big downer in GT5 was the separation of premium and standard cars. This was where premium ones gave you details and upgrades to the whole chassis; while standard cars gave you pretty much no upgrade, besides wheels and paint. In GT6, all cars are completely customizable on the exterior. There are still a difference on the interior on a large percentage of the cars, leaving the other still with the generic, shady dash. Still, patches have been released, adding new cars, features, and interiors. And like before, they can used online and in arcade mode as well.

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