5 Essential Things To Know About ILOVEMAKONNEN

09.04.14 2 years ago 46 Comments

Whether you realize or not, ILOVEMAKONNEN is on the verge of becoming a household staple, despite the fact most people probably won’t even pronounce his name properly (pron: I-Love-Muh-Cone-In). The singer/songwriter who carries around a manikin head not only makes records listeners can’t stop playing, he makes records listeners can’t stop yelling out loud, everywhere they go.

Albeit occasionally off-putting, everything about Makonnen’s music is infectious and as his new offerings continue to trickle out rapidly, the writing is on the wall for this unique being to leave his footprint on the game in more ways than one.

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1. Opera Trap

In 2014’s version of hip-hop, most MCs do their fair share of singing. Yet, we’re not quite sure if we’d classify ILOVEMAKONNEN as a rapper or a singer. While pure bars are occasionally introduced to his delivery, his somewhat schizophrenic style is always laced with melody and often relies on a trembling falsetto to emphasize his presence.

Soft side aside, his bars are often laced with work and quite often, quite brash. Other times, he’s making straight up love ballads. Either way, he’s a songwriter at heart and not really one specific type of artist, as evidenced on his self-titled debut EP, a few months back. As I previously stated on Twitter, Makonnen sort of sounds like French Montana meets classical opera, which is odd at first – but ultimately quite endearing.

2. Georgifornia Origins

Anyone unsure where the man born Makonnen Sheran comes from can really credit two places: Los Angeles and Atlanta. He was born and raised in LA until he was 13, when his family picked up and moved to Georgia. There he fell in with undesirable crowds, had a stint of bad luck and wound up on house arrest in 2008. While confined, the budding creative took to music, kicking off his career via MySpace and recording as a hobby.

In a recent interview with Miss Info, Makonnen stated he started taking music seriously in 2011, releasing videos and touring around Atlanta, the city that would eventually help catapult his career.

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