5 Features That Will Make Me Buy The iPad 3

12.22.11 6 years ago 13 Comments

I’ve been on the fence on copping an iPad 2, but after deliberating for months I figure at this point its best to just hold out for a few more months until the next release. However, knowing me, I’ll wind up doing the exact same thing again, arguing with myself for months until all I can agree on is holding out for the subsequently model – that is unless Apple decides to include five killer features.

1. Retina Display –- Call me nitpicky but when you’re viewing pictures on a 10-inch tablet with a 1027×768 resolution, it’s not too difficult to make out the pixels. And god forbid you try to read text. A resolution upgrade would benefit every activity from browsing the web to reading books and/or periodicals. Besides, why should the iPod and iPhone have all the insanely high-resolution fun?

2. 4G Connectivity — I still think that Apple really stunk it up by not giving the iPhone 4S the ability to connect to LTE networks, and by the time the new iPad releases, the next generation of data transfer speed will be a household standard. Let me put it this way, if the iPad 3 is not capable of 4G, the only plausible explanation is that Steve Jobs locked the blueprints away in a super secret safe and swallowed the combination on his death bed. Or in other words, it will be 4G LTE.

3. True Multitasking — I’m not talking about that freeze-an-app-in-the-background shit. I want real goddamn multitasking, like actually doing two things at once. For instance, while TMZ.com is loading on Safari, I want to be able to kill me a pig or two on Angry Birds and then come back to Safari with all the daily gossip fully loaded. Unfortunately, this will likely only be possible in conjunction with another feature on my wish-list. See below for more info.

4. A Tablet Version of OS X — IOS 5 is cool and all, but it’s hit its limit. There’s only so much you can do with little square icons scattered across ten or so desktops. To make the jump from ‘way cool gadget’ to ‘I can’t live without this,’ the next iPad will have to take the touchscreen interface to the next level by essentially making it a full powered computer with that personal, human interaction. How cool would it be to open folders or applications by double-tapping them with your fingers instead of the mouse? Or to scroll through a map of Civilization V with your fingers and select your troops by drawing a circle around them?

5. Better Camera — Taking snaps with your iPad is cool and all, until you actually go back and look at what you just took a picture of. Point-and-shoot cameras are already on the decline with the better photo-taking technology found on the higher end smartphones, so why not bring that to the iPad as well? 8 megapixels at least, with an LED flash should cut it (I know Apple hates the dreaded f-word but nonetheless).

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