Holla, Holla: 5 Songs Disproving The Whole “Ja Rule Sucks” Thing

02.21.13 5 years ago 59 Comments

Ja Rule is free! Ja Rule is free! The man who gave us such hits as “Holla, Holla,” “Where Would I Be Without You,” and “Pimp” got out of jail today to bless us with his lyricals. Yes, we’ve had fun joking about Ja Rule over the years, but the fact is he made some pretty great music. We all know about the rap-pop hits he made that topped the charts, but he was oh so much more.

These songs are from Ja’s heyday when he was an undeniable star before Interscope told us to stop liking him. Slander if you want, but you had at least one Ja jam in your library and you still probably sing “I’m Real” to yourself while spraying Axe on your nethers every morning.

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