5 Questions Answered About The New ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Trailer For The Non-Comics Fans

02.20.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

guardians of the galaxy

Words By Dr. Hip Hop

Marvel Studios’ already has the Captain America sequel on the way in April, but that didn’t stop them from giving us the first official trailer for their space adventure/comedy, Guardians of the Galaxy. Whereas Captain America’s trailer had characters and faces familiar to many moviegoers, this latest trailer probably had a majority of people scratching their head and asking “Who the hell are they?” But have no fear, I did the research and got some answers to at least five of the bigger questions that may be bouncing around your head after watching this trailer.


1. Who the hell are the Guardians of the Galaxy?

This is obviously the first question that pops into your head about this film and it’s probably the least complicated one to answer (read: sort of). The Guardians of the Galaxy, as they’ll be portrayed in the film, are a motley crew of comprised of an alien royalty (Groot), a twisted science experiment (Rocket Raccoon), the universe’s deadliest woman (Gamora), a constantly resurrecting brute seeking vengeance (Drax), and a Earth-born space hero with some alien heritage (Peter Quill aka Star-Lord).

But don’t think of them as some type of space Avengers. They’re more like a super-powered A-Team, but with both a talking raccoon instead of Mr. T.


2. So that orb thing? Is it important?

If you pay close attention during the first minutes of the trailer, you may notice that the focus of the scene is on the mysterious orb in the middle of the cool Indiana Jones-esque chamber room. While not much has been officially stated about the orb, it has been suggested the the it is actually another one of the Infinity stones. If this is true, like the Aether (Thor: The Dark World) and the Tesseract (The Avengers), the orb is the movie analog of the Marvel Comics “Infinity Gems”.

And while it would take a whole post to explain what they are are, let’s just say that the Infinity Gems are insanely powerful artifacts that can turn anyone into a god. So that should give you some idea about the potential for the orb.


3. How does this film relate to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Since its inception, Marvel Studios has made a concentrated effort to get audiences invested in their films by creating this interconnected world between their films. So there is obviously expectation that this film will also have some connections.

Since it is still early, naming any concrete connections is a bit difficult. We do know that the main antagonist of the film, Ronan the Accuser, is working for the Collector, who in turn is an agent of Thanos (the big bad purple mofo from The Avengers). So it seems that both teams have caught the attention of this purple bad-ass.


4. Who are the other characters in the trailer?

Besides some random aliens, in what looks like the space prison Kyln, there are some other significant characters that pop up in the trailer. The first of which are John C. Reilly and Peter Serafinowicz as members of The Nova Corps, space cops. We also have Djimon Hounsou’s Korath the Pursuer, an alien soldier of considerable strength and skill. The “blink or you’ll miss her” appearance by Karen Gillan as the blue, cybernetically enhanced Nebula. There’s Benecio del Toro’s The Collector making his reappearance and a brief shot of the main baddie, Lee Pace’s Ronan the Accuser.


5. But what’s missing from the trailer?

Since the movie doesn’t drop until August, it makes sense that too much wasn’t spilled this early. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of information that fans are still yearning for. Although a significant portion of the cast was shown in the trailer there were still notable absences, namely Michael Rooker and Glenn Close.

And then there is the highly anticipated voice work of Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon and Vin Diesel as his partner in crime, Groot, also being M.I.A. Of course, since the film is focused on the Infinity Stone, there was the absence of Thanos himself. If the films are going to follow the comics in any way, then the best guess is that Thanos is looking to gain control over all the stones and thus godhood. Guess we got to wait and see.

Now, any other questions? If so, leave them in the comments and we’ll get back with a reply. For the moment, we’ll drop the trailer below so you can watch it again with the newfound knowledge.

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