5 Reasons You Should Go Out Of Your Way To See The Movie ‘Meet Me There’

04.23.14 4 years ago 13 Comments


Full Disclosure: Meet Me There was written by With Leather’s Brandon Stroud. He’s obviously an Uproxx writer and he’s also one of my favorite wrestle Bros. However, the movie is objectively pretty great.

Meet Me There premiered here in New Orleans over WrestleMania weekend and I grabbed a ticket to see it. I did so to support a buddy but I left the theater happy that I’d seen a truly creepy ass entertaining movie. So, with Meet Me There hitting more and more theaters and screenings across the country, here are five reasons you should try to go see it.

meet me there dialogue

1. The Dialogue Is Incredible – As I mentioned, the movie is written by Brandon Stroud, who, as most of you know, is an incredible writer. Here, he shines when writing dialogue between the main characters. There were times when the characters would find themselves in some crazy a$$ predicaments and someone will say exactly what I’m thinking. My favorite parts of the movie were the downtimes between the insanity, namely a car ride that just featured the protagonists talking and developing their characters. Of course, the dialogue isn’t anything if not executed expertly by Lisa Friedrich and Micheal Foulk whose chemistry was infectious.


2. It’s Legitimately Creepy As Sh*t – Scary movies have deteriorated into a genre of quiet moments with a bland hum in the background until someone jumps out of the closet and makes the audience jump. That’s not scary. It takes zero skill. So I hate scary movies now. Meet Me There isn’t a scary movie. It’s a creepy as sh*t dark comedy that made me never want to go to the woods or Oklahoma or hold loose change or be awake in the dark ever again. It’s rare that a movie creeps people out without resorting to cheap tricks.

3. The Music – Meet Me There sets the mood with a soundtrack that is as haunting as it is beautiful. Megan Simon handles the music here and she’s pitch-perfect. But don’t let me spoil it, just listen to her.


4. Goldust – Dustin Runnels aka the wrestler known as Goldust is in this movie and he’s amazing. Most good wrestlers have some sort of acting chops and Runnels is responsible for one of the most memorable characters of all time, so it makes sense that he’d kill it as the twisted pastor here. I hope this leads to more roles for him in the future. Hell, if The Miz can star in some movies, Goldust should be winning some Oscars.

5. Seriously, This Is A Good Movie – What it all boils down to is this: I really enjoyed Meet Me There. It caused me to think, laugh and damn near pee myself. And really, that’s why we go to the movies, right?

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