5 Reasons To Pay $75 For Floyd Mayweather Vs. Canelo Alvarez

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09.14.13 31 Comments

Words By Bansky

1. This is the biggest fight we’re getting for a long time.

There truly is nothing in sports like a big fight. Well, this isn’t just a big fight, this is once-in-a-decade, we-aren’t-getting-anything-close-to-this-for-a-few-years fight. This is the perfect accumulation of superstar, and next in line. The fight has already broken the live gate record for a boxing match, with a little over $20 million in revenue just for tickets at the gate. Many think it could break the all time pay per view record of 2.4 million buys. Floyd is making a record $41.5 million (and some say Floyd’s take could get into the nine figures if the fight does well on PPV).

Canelo is no slouch either. His fights are typically watched by over 60 million people in Mexico, half the population. Some believe that viewership in Mexico could reach 80 million tonight. The weigh-in for the fight, typically held in a smaller adjacent theater, or with only about 1/3 of the seats available, was held in the full MGM grand arena, and sold over 12,000 tickets. This is going to be crazy, trust me.

2. It’s actually going to be a pretty good fight.

For whatever reason, Floyd’s last few fights have been some of the most entertaining fights of his career. Money has found just the right medium between technical brilliance and overall entertainment in the ring. His consistently accurate punching has fans amused, and he even got some Terrio like ooohs from the crowd for his defense against Robert Guerrero in May, as he slipped punches like future J dodged darts in Men in Black 3.

Most attribute Floyd’s bump in entertainment level to a gradual slip in skills, and that may be true, but at least we get to enjoy it in the meantime. Canelo is the type of boxer that is tailor made for Floyd’s defense. He comes forward and punches wide. As the fight goes on he throws only one or two punches at a time and he tires out. But, with that said, Canelo is talented, fast and will have a size advantage in the ring that should make things dicey, at least until Floyd times him and lands lead right, after lead right, after lead right.

3. Danny Garcia Vs. Lucas Matthysse

You all know the guy, the friend who watches boxing. Every so often he tells you “you gotta watch this fight, it’s going to be amazing.” Lucas Matthysse, the favorite, has knocked down every opponent he’s ever faced, and earned the nickname “The Machine” for his robot like destruction of his opponents.

Danny Garcia is no bum either. He holds two world titles and is the man who officially ended the allusion that Amir Khan could one day rule boxing. Neither man comes to box; they both come to fight. Unless something drastic happens in the main event, this will be the fight you’re talking about next week.

4. Angel Garcia

If you don’t follow boxing you don’t know, these guys dads tend to get like NBA moms sometimes, and right now, Danny Garcia’s dad, Angel, is cream of the crop. He’s not just crazy, but bat shit crazy. He’s kind of racist, he tried to fight Danny’s last opponent Zab Judah.

Many people watch Floyd’s fights in hopes that he’ll finally get his big mouth shut, but he’s so good it never happens. We’ll here is a chance to get something close, as many believe his son will lose. What will he say in post fight interviews? How will his face look if his son gets knocked out? It sucks for Danny, but his dad kind of makes you wish he’d lose. I know for a fact that watching the Diaz brothers get their asses whupped and mouths shut were my favorite MMA moments this year by far, and seeing Angel after a Danny loss could be just as fun.

5. Because it’s boxing

It’s brutal, it doesn’t fit with out newfound sports fan concussion awareness and the sport keeps shooting itself in the foot with shitty decisions and general incompetence. I get all that, whatever. Boxing is my favorite sport, so I’m biased. I know this.

But boxing is still brilliant. It’s two guys alone in a ring trying their hardest to punch the other guy while not getting punched. And despite what ESPN screaming heads like Michael Wilbon and Skip Bayless think, boxing is not dying. If anything its in the middle of a resurgence. More and more now top fighters are facing each other constantly (which the 2 main bouts from tonight show) and we are getting competitive championship fights on the highest level.

Although the sports biggest star is winding down his career, we have big, talented stars like Canelo and Adrien waiting in the wings to fill his shoes. Watch tonight because its boxing, it’s two people beating each other up, because A&M vs ‘Bama will be over, because it’s one of the best athletes of this generation plying his trade, because there’s nothing like the “oooh” a huge crowd makes when a guy gets knocked down and out, because a Mexican guy with red hair somehow ended up as a great athlete, because if you order it you get to make people bring beer to your house, but mostly just watch because its boxing and boxing is great.

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