Dear Struggling Rapper, Here Are 5 Easy Steps To Success

08.09.12 6 years ago 22 Comments

Words: Chris Deline | @ChrisDeLine

“I don’t think there’s any magic key to promotion — you send emails, you manage your web presence, you cultivate your email list or Facebook page or whatever, you hand out flyers, you do the same stuff people have been doing for years now; the real key happens before all of that,” explained Minneapolis-based MC and two-time National Poetry Slam champion Guante. And unless Zoltar starts granting magic wishes, success is likely to elude even the hardest working musicians. There’s no clear cut way to succeed online as an artist, but by following these guidelines your odds of succeeding will get a whole lot better.

1. Know Your Market

In brief: All your hard work is going to be for nothing if you drop your new music via non-tagged .mp4s through spammy YouSendIt links. You have to make it easy to access your music, and right now that means utilizing mediums that people acutally use. As TSS’ John Gotty™ clarified, “have your own central place for fans — an active Facebook, a well designed Tumblr, or real site.” Secondly, “Have a Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc., where material can be streamed and is mobile-friendly.” It’s vital to have a hub where fans can listen to you on THEIR terms, not yours.

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