5 Things I Want To See As Drake Headlines Vandy’s Rites Of Spring Music Festival

04.20.10 7 years ago 18 Comments

This week, Nashville has temporarily dropped “Music” from the nickname and become “Rap City.”

Not only will we be afforded the opportunity to watch Curren$y’s @ PhatKaps on Thursday, I’ll be following up by catching Drake headlining Vanderbilt University’s annual Rites Of Spring music festival on the weekend. Fellow Torontonian Melanie Fiona and pioneer Doug E. Fresh will also perform as well as Phoenix and Passion Pit too. But obviously, the main attraction for Hipper-Hoppers will be Drizzy.

Say what you will, but the majority of live performance clips I’ve seen have made his show seem energetic & charged. One thing he has – and the case is the same for B.o.B, Spitta, Wiz & YelaWolf – is a fanbase that shows their support. Honestly, I think Drake could roll the the Degrassi wheelchair onstage and mumble his lyrics. The crowd will fill in the gaps without missing a beat. That connection that he & the others mentioned share is unmeasurable, not properly conveyed by words or even video. It’s an experience with the music that has to be taken in live form.

I’ll reference what Contra™ wrote after seeing Drake @ The Loft in Atlanta a little over a year ago. “What you don’t see in the videos is how well meshed the whole concert was. The flow was seamless; the transitions and even the overly simplistic light show were all synchronized and timed perfectly.” Let me tell you that Contra™ is not easily impressed, therefore hearing his reaction gave it weight. I want that experience. And below are five other things I hope to see when Drake takes the stage in Nashville.

Drake – “Successful” (Featuring Trey Songz) Live from The Smoking Section on Vimeo.

1. Hearing “Successful” performed live — …And if i’m lucky “Houstatlantavegas” & “November 18th” too. In fact, he could run through all of SFG, the original mixtape version, and I’d be pleased. But in particular, I want to be a part of a crowd of screaming, singalong ladies hollering “I want the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes, the hoesssss…” Seeing it on YouTube is one thing; experiencing it live surely has to a certain savoir-faire. Yes, I’ll be singing along and I say it without shame. The song was my theme for a long minute and recurring one in playlists since April of last year. In fact, Oliver, I’ll be near the front row snapping pics but if you need me to drop the Canon and fill-in as Trey’s singing replacement, give me a nod.

2. Not having to hear the rest of Young Money — Since Drake’s decided to do all of his shows solo with no real opening acts, I do thank the brother for sparing me what would normally be a requirement. I fuggs with Gudda so I wouldn’t mind him. But Millz, please don’t board the plane, brother.

3. Nor will I have to hear Timbaland on “Say Something — It’s not as if his presence was terrible, perhaps just unnecessary. The pink elephant in the corner of the room even says Timb should’ve just stayed behind the boards and let Drake have it for his own.

4. A random chick throw her underwear on stage — Thought this only happened in the ’70s when Teddy P., Marvin and other soul legends took the stage? Nope, we’ve got our own living legend in Hip-Hop. Skip to the 6:20 mark in the above video and note Drake’s cucumber cool reaction.

5. A Nicki Minaj appearance — What? Yeah, I said I didn’t want to suffer through Young Money’s tax writeoffs. Still, I’d like to watch Nicki’s silicon cakes jiggle on stage.

Tickets are available @ all Ticketmaster locations, at Vandy’s Sarrat Box Office. For more info, check out www.RitesOfSpring.com. My fellow Nashvillians, I hope to see you there so we can all come gather here afterwards and tell the tales of when Drake took over the city.

Drake – “Houstatlantavegas”
Drake – “November 18th”

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